2019 – Creating and Visualizing

After a few days of visualizing, being grateful and looking ahead, I can still say that I am not really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

The holidays were a new experience for me – relaxing, taking it easy, sleeping a little later than usual, and not feeling any pressure.

So, can I borrow that feeling and bring it into 2019? Why not?

I have been steeped in conversations for possibility, the law of attraction, going beyond where I stop, and asking ourselves why not create lives of unlimited possibility, play fun and ease?

The only thing that stops me is my limiting beliefs. And I am chewing them up one at a time:

  • when I’m disappointed, I default to upset and powerless
  • when I’m frustrated and not as nice as I think I should be, I think it’s my fault
  • actually, I always think it’s my fault
  • I don’t trust my instincts and doubt and question myself to exhaustion
  • If someone insults me, my default thought is that they are right and I’m wrong
  • If I say no to a request, I feel bad. It feels like a lose/lose, and somehow, again, it’s my fault

An Aside: I am determined to keep playing big all the way up to tomorrow night when I have my women’s empowerment introduction. And, I really don’t want to: see bullet one above. It certainly doesn’t look like I thought it would. There were breakdowns and unkept agreements from my team, the center, and the guests. But I/we didn’t give up. We didn’t use any of it as an excuse.

And, I just realized I’ve been saying the guests are dropping like flies. And, I’m going to change that right now – the exact right people will be coming. And their lives will be impacted forever. And they will be taken care of like they’ve never been before. And, I’m not done inviting. I still have tomorrow.

And, best of all, my daughter will be home tomorrow. After seven months in Australia. And I can’t wait to just have her in my arms. I cry just thinking about it. She will walk in right when the introduction is over.

So tomorrow will be a great day. And, so will the rest of 2019.

Another note: Today I submitted a poster idea to the Conference for Global Transformation. I said I would do it two months ago and then I forgot about it. I remembered it yesterday and took the action today. It feels good to be bold.

My 2019 resolution is to be a Pioneer for Possibility – Boldly going where no one else has been. And, being a clearing for miracles.

Now that’s a different space than powerless and everything is my fault. And, it’s alot more fun, too.

So, Happy New Year’s everyone!!! Let’s keep looking for miracles and being bold!!!!

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