30 Days of Spiritual Awareness

I am participating in a pilot program for connecting spirituality to our work.  It is very interesting.  I need to look at my notes to be able to describe the purpose:

  • Ensuring that the spiritual aspects of who I am as a human are included in my area of work
  • Connecting with spirit to discover my calling in life

I’m supposed to keep a journal so I figured why not do it here?  It’s about Creating My Life by saying what can’t be said and sharing.

(I hope it’s not too TMI but that probably applies to this entire blog so why censor myself now?)

We started by engaging in the process of locating the source of our connection to the eternal by being present and being in our body.  It was relaxing to just let our thoughts go and for me to let go of “doing,”  making my to do list in my head, and planning.  Just sitting there being with the other people was relaxing and refreshing.  I resisted it at first, my impatience getting in the way to MOVE ON ALREADY, but once I let that go, it was quite nice.  A real break.

We also looked at what barriers were in the way that kept us separate from manifesting ourselves spiritually,  (I am paraphrasing).

For me, I discovered the following:

  • my heart has been closed
  • I’m afraid to trust
  • I think that being upset is a bad thing

Leading into the course, I spent a couple of days feeling quite emotional and ready to cry at the littlest (or biggest) frustration.  I really felt out of sorts.

According to our leader, Robyn, tears are the expression of the soul.  They are a clue to your heart.  

I like that.  I can relax and cry when I need to.  Instead of resisting it which is exhausting and physically painful.  

Some barriers to me manifesting something beyond what I have:

  • not knowing how
  • not trusting 
  • worrying about what people think
  • thinking I am doing something stupid
  • thinking about what I need to do, how it’s not going the way I think it should, and why am I still alone

So actions I am going to take to get present:

  • stop what I’m doing and breathe
  • get present to my surroundings
  • take a look out my window when I am home – below is a picture taken off my deck (I upgraded to this new wordpress editor which allows me to block – so this is my first block below) – isn’t it very cool?


Picture from my deck – how can I not be connected to the eternal?

This course is a 30 day journey.  When asked what I want my results to be:

  • hit FAME (a work benchmark) and go over quota easily, effortlessly and early
  • generate tens of thousands of dollars speaking and sharing about my book, life, and creating life out here
  • my book is taken on by someone who runs with it, creates a cover, gets it published, etc.
  • having a great man in my life who is fun, devoted, passionate, and willing to create a fulfilling partnership for life

When asked what my number one outcome would be, I surprised myself.  I picked the last one.  Of course I want the first to happen anyway and I am working hard to accomplish it.  The second and third feel a little like pipe dreams.  The fourth is my real dream from childhood.  During the course I saw that as a little child, I was passionate about teaching, acting and having a fairy tale life.  So number four is my fairy tale.  And with my prince charming I will create 2 and 3.

So, that’s my journaling for today.  It was good to recap yesterday’s course.  It had definitely disappeared.   Glad I could presence it again.   More tomorrow.

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