I Have a Few Minutes to Whip out a Blog

Every time I think about the book getting rejected or the rest of my life, my initial reaction (habitual) is defeat and resignation.

Then, I think about my initiative, Creating Life Out Here by sharing and saying what can’t be said.

Yesterday I did call my book editor like I said I would in my last blog.  We decided to pursue other publishing options and even create new ones.  Why not make publishing easy for people?  Who knows what can happen?  It was a very alive and upbeat conversation.

I have realized that the creating process is fun for me.  Especially pioneering new ways to do things.

I shared with my a friend that I can write poems of acknowledgements for people.  They are great gifts because the person receiving them loves them.  Why wouldn’t they?  It’s all about how great they are.   I love writing those poems and giving them away.

We had an amazing day at work.  My quarterly quota went from about 8% to 22%.  I’m still under the 30% of the quarter, but it just shows that one day can make a huge difference and I can still WIN the quarter even though I look so far behind.

I smiled and talked to a man I didn’t know.  It was easy and his smile back made my day.  I have decided to remove my earphones during part of my workout so that I am more present and aware of the people around me.    And, that rather than my old story that all men are either married or gay or have girlfriends, I am creating that there is an abundance of great single guys.

OK, gotta run.  I’m just seeing how being creative and in conversations make me WAY more alive and in the game.  Over the weekend I wrote a song, gathered the community, and performed it to music in front of our course.  I loved it.  I want to have more of those creative, fun, acknowledging moments in my life.

When I’m in those moments, I feel very alive and I love it.  More later.

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