No One Wants to Play, or……..

I have this thing when people don’t return my calls or texts.  I know it’s not the truth or real, but, my mind still thinks it is no matter what I tell it.  I don’t really know how to make it go away, so I’m going to try to write about it.

Now that I think about it, I think it happens if someone gives me a certain look, needs to get off the phone when I am talking, or has a certain tone.  I think it happens alot.

So here goes……..

Let’s say I send an email to someone and they don’t respond.  I think the following:

  • They don’t like me
  • I shouldn’t have sent it
  • I’m annoying them
  • I need to avoid them in the future
  • They don’t want to play with me (5 years old on the playground)

Those are the majors.  Even though if I don’t respond to someone it’s usually because:

  • I’m in a hurry and don’t have time
  • it sunk below the line because I got too many emails that day and I can no longer see it
  • I wanted to address it in a real way but couldn’t on my phone cause it’s too hard to type on those little letters
  • I hit it so it didn’t look new anymore and so I didn’t notice that I hadn’t responded

Do those reasons have anything to do with how I feel about the person?  No.  (Unless they are soliciting me and I didn’t ask them to and it’s spam or something, but it’s still not personal to how I feel about the person).

OK, that was easy.  I can now see that it’s not personal at all for me.

If I really want the person to respond, I can send another email and another one, etc.  until they either tell me to stop or they respond.

Wow.  That is totally a miracle for me.  Really good.

Another thing I used to hide about myself was that sometimes I got upset.  I thought that you always had to look happy.  I thought that if people saw me get upset they couldn’t love me.

A wise person asked me what I thought about someone if they got upset.

Good question.  I felt honored that they would share their real self with me and closer to them because of it.

Oh.  I said.  Wow!!!  That really put another spin to it.  And I gave that one up then.

Sharing is a great access to freedom for me.  Sometimes I forget when I’m stuck, but more and more I have been getting into dialogue instead of staying in my crazy little mind, and I have to say, it allows me to Create Life Out Here in a really great way.

Thanks for listening.  I feel much better.  I hope you do, too!!!!!

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