Too Much to Say

There’s been so much going on that I haven’t sat down to write.  Every day I think of what I should be writing.  But by the end of the day the thought of having to use my brain to think is just flat out unappealing.

By the time I put all my stuff away, fix a meal, clean up from the meal, get my stuff ready for the next day, and check in with my family, all I want to do is get into bed and be horizontal.

And, sometimes, even though I’m really tired, when I get into bed, my mind starts racing and it takes me hours to get to sleep.  Then, the next night, I’m even more tired.  And so it goes.

But now it’s Saturday.  And, I’m finally able to take a breath.  Last weekend I was away and got back late Sunday night so never got to chill.  So this is heaven.

I’ve had so many great experiences over the last few weeks:

  • new paradigm for body image thanks to my guy friends at the gym
  • learned to create win/win situations instead of being resentful and victimized
  • got through another communication block with my mom
  • stood up for myself at work
  • was the top manager for the quarter in percentage of quota at my job
  • submitted my book proposal to a real publisher after 6 years of rewriting my book
  • and just today, created that I can create my life more powerfully than ever before

What have I had to give up?

  • that I can’t
  • that I don’t know how
  • that people might not like me
  • that I have to be good
  • that I should be another way
  • that no one can like/love me if I’m myself
  • that I’m powerless

What I’m creating is:

  • getting paid a lot of money to travel first class around the world, speaking and sharing my story and inspiring people to create lives that they love
  • being successful is easy and fun and I CAN DO IT!!!
  • creating an abundance of money and love
  • Manifesting the love of my life who will travel with me and create a fabulous life together

And, my brain is going crazy saying I can’t say all this stuff “out loud” where people might see and think I am a ridiculous dreamer.  I am simply going to thank it for sharing and publish this anyway.

What do you want to create?


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