What A Difference A Week Makes

I am truly blessed to let you know that I am in a totally different place this week than last.

My COVID test was negative. I cried when they called me out of relief. I got to see how tense I had been even though I was pretending to be fine. Phew! I could breathe again and the pain in my back disappeared.

I was still concerned about my son. He tested positive a second time, 8 days after his first. But the amazing part was, his worst symptom was boredom. He felt fine and just wanted to get out of his house. I was so happy to hear that. After the first couple of days of headache and fatigue, he really didn’t have anything bad. A mild cough and that was it. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. And anything else there is to say. Again, the stress has left the building.

In my seminar about the brain, called the Invented Life, I shared about the episode I had right after Jesse told me he was positive:

“Jesse was going to die, I was going to die, and his father was going to die. We were all going to die,” I shared in a loud, boisterous voice. “All of us. And there was nothing I could do about it.” I was waving my hands like a lunatic.

“Thank you for demonstrating a perfect amygdala hijack,” my instructor said. “That was perfect.”

“You mean because I was completely gone?” I asked.

“Yes. Your brain patterns had taken you over. You weren’t there. Your brain had been hijacked.”

We all had a good laugh. I could see that my future had been predicted by my brain patterns. And that future was even worse than bleak. The sad part is that it had seemed to be really happening until I could distinguish that it was just thoughts. The only actual fact was that Jesse had tested positive. The rest was just brain patterns weaving a panic inducing freak out.

The wonderful thing is that none of that prediction happened. I even forgot about the whole thing. Today my 14 day quarantine is over and my son is itching to also get back to the world.

It is really great.

I hope I can remember the next time my amygdala gets hijacked that next week will look completely different. It is not a fixed way that the world will occur. Things are always changing. If I don’t like things one hour, the next it will be different.

The only constant we have is change. And I don’t always have to like it. But today I do.

Thanks for listening

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