Recognizing our Accomplishments

Well, I am trying something new with my videos. Shorter and only on one topic.

How do you like them?

I am working with my interns to get a clear focus and objective about what I am trying to say and accomplish. I appreciate their hard work and talents promoting my stuff on instagram and in revising my web site:

It’s an exciting exploration and adventure.


Excitement at the OK Corral. My son and ex have told my family that they are moving out before my mother gets back. My son will live with me. I thought my ex had a place to go.

I just found out he doesn’t.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I can sleep in my car. Or I can sleep at the new house without plumbing.”

I kept my mouth shut. Silence. That’s how he wheedled himself into my mother’s home rent free for almost 3 years.

He was going on and on in his victim mode.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Well,” I said. “If I was going to put your happiness over my happiness, I would tell you to just come here. But I am not. I am sorry.”

“I understand,” he said. “If you really can’t be happy around me.”

“I really can’t. My sanity is at stake. This is a small place for one person, let alone two. I can not have 3 people here. I will not do that to myself. I am sorry.”

I am proud of myself. The fact that this man is not willing to pay for a place to live is not my problem. We are divorced. That’s one of the reasons. MONEY!!!!

He is not my problem.

He is not my problem.

He is not my problem.

Is that cold? Is that selfish? OR IS THAT SMART and I am FINALLY sticking up for myself and not getting manipulated. (This kind of reminds me of my book- read it if you haven’t).

I can make one of us happy. AND I CHOOSE ME!

And the drama continues……..stay tuned.

How things have changed in just a few hours.


Thanks for listening.

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