Rude Muters – A New Zoom Term

Isn’t that hysterical? This woman last week on our zoom call was muting us before we had even finished talking. I talk about what happened in this video!

What kind of face is that? Good Question!!

And, I’m tired so this will be short. I’m in a very intense class and I exercised this morning and then took an hour and 20 minute walk in the sand this afternoon.

We were looking at “the nevers” which I also talk about in the video. Very freeing exercise.

Anyway, I can’t wait to be horizontal. “My dogs are aching” as an old friend used to say. Actually, it’s not my feet, it’s my legs and BUTT!!! Something about walking in the sand tightens them up. I hope that’s a good thing.

Have a great night.

Thanks for listening.

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