How to Go to the Beauty Salon

Don’t Arrest Me, Watch the Video

I’m on a work webinar, but since it’s Fluid Friday, I am typing this while on ZOOM. I don’t think they know.

It’s amazing how many webinars we have, AND, no one is selling or making money. We are staying connected, keeping the community together, feeling like we belong and are not alone. And, I think that’s a good thing. We WILL get through this crisis and come out AHEAD.

Well, why think any other way?

We are about to play a trivia game. More later.

OK, back from the game. It was actually really fun. We all gave in something that no one knew about us so I told them I had published a book. A couple of people guessed me, but, why not promote?

And, that I had done consulting for the US Army for 8 months in Germany. No one guessed that.

Really fun.

OK, I have to return some calls. Have a great night.

Thanks for listening.

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