How to Feel Great Instead of Mad

Yes, that’s what my video is about. It was really fun to do. You can see it below.

Have you heard of the Quarantine 15?

I am hoping not to acquire those pounds.

I am, however, drinking red wine and eating my 40% reduced fat lays potato chips. I have 10 points left so I believe I am ok as long as I stop after this plastic cup and bowl of chips. (It’s a small bowl).

NEWS: I added another type of orgasm during my video. You will have to watch to find out!!!

Drinking wine out of my good crystal stemware!!!!

I took a walk prior to pouring the wine. It was so windy that I could barely walk. I felt like I was climbing Mount Everest in the worst conditions. There were even wind surfers out on the beach. Come to think of it, they weren’t 6 feet apart. I should have called the police. (Just kidding, sort of).

I heard that people got arrested for having a wedding in New Jersey. Wow!! What were they thinking? Spending the honeymoon in jail? Well, at least the lodging is free, right?

Why such humor? Well, a friend of mine that I saw might have been exposed to someone with the virus. I’m enjoying myself while we wait for his test results. It’s like in the old days when you were afraid you were pregnant. Which is worse? I guess it depends on your perspective, right?

The difference is that the pregnancy tests only took a couple of minutes. My brother in law has been waiting over a week for his corona tests back. But let’s not go there. Hopefully it’s a non-event and my 90 year old mother who has been living in that house will be just fine. I’m staying in the present moment, ok?

Well, enjoy your night. Tomorrow is another day AT HOME!!!!

Thanks for listening.

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