Abundance of underwear and the new Orgasm

OK, did that get your attention? I hope so.

I am currently folding my underwear and putting it neatly in my little wicker container. I’ve meant to do this for months.

Today is the day. I am shocked at how many pairs I have. And, I probably only wore about 5 since they were the ones on the top before. I’d wear them, wash them, and then put them back on top.

How did I get so many? Well, when my GYN told me not to use panty shields anymore because they messed up the PH balance in our you know whats, I got a little nervous.

She told me to go buy a box of underwear at Costco. I bought two boxes and they were 12 packs in case I ran out of them too fast.

Let’s just say I have PLENTY!!!!!!

Oh, you want to know about the orgasm in the title?

Well, yesterday I was telling some people on a Zoom call that when I finally let out my crying, I finally felt saner and more free.

One of the girls said, “Yes, it feels great. Crying is the new ORGASM.”

We all laughed. I think that’s great and wanted to share it.

I happen to agree. It really is very nice to be able to let it all out. Body wracking, heaving sobs when you need to. It’s exhausting, but freeing.

And here’s the video:

Definitely had fun with this one!! Laughing is a good release!!

I won’t give away what was so funny. Just that I had a great laugh.

Have a great day, folks!! Enjoy the freedom!!

Thanks for listening!

PS I just counted my underwear. I have 52 pairs. That’s ABUNDANCE!!!!!

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