Elephant Journal – Why Didn’t I Speak Up? Published Today


The above link is to an article I just posted on Elephant Journal. For some reason, my links are not coming up as pictures like they used to. You actually have to copy the whole string and place it in a browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s why I didn’t share yesterday’s video. It was just a string of letters.

Anyone having a clue as to why the article doesn’t show, please let me know.

Also, they are recommending that I ask people to share the link if they read and like the article.

This is my scared way of asking you to do that if you like it.

If you can’t find the article, please let me know. That is helpful.

I decided today that I would write more instead of trying to have live events. It seems to be an easier way to promote what I’m doing.

Let’s see what happens.

The good news: I set writing a new article as a goal for today.

I didn’t know where to do it. I couldn’t find a good place. I was going to just give up.

But, ………. I just happened to be on a call with someone today that I hadn’t really spoke to before. At the end of our call, I asked her if she knew any good places where I could write a blog post. She instantly rattled off about 4. Amazing.

This is the first.

I did it. I accompished my goal. Even though I didn’t know how. YAYAYAYAYAY!

Have a great night.

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