What if it’s just a Follow up?

Today I had two appointments for AFLAC and I was excited because I figured I would sell to at least one new person and open my first account for the quarter. It’s a month in and it would be nice to get rid of the 0 next to my name for new accounts opened this year.

I was driving down the road all happy and raring to go……

The first appointment was FINE. I have about 4 people to call next week. They took the information and need to talk to husbands, etc. No one bought.

That’s ok. It happens.

I went to the second one. It would be a new account. They were very nice. They took the information. I will follow up next week. It obviously didn’t open today.

I was still ok.

Then I called to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. This could be the new account I was looking for.

“We need to push it off a month.”

That was it. The Land of suck enveloped me.

Here’s what my brain started saying very loudly:

  • You suck
  • You really suck
  • You’re the only one that sucks
  • You can’t do this
  • You really really suck
  • Things will NEVER be different
  • And, by the way – you’re fat
  • You’re getting fatter by the day
  • You didn’t have those back flab rolls last week
  • You’re pretty gross
  • You don’t deserve to live
  • There is something REALLY wrong with you

So what did I do when I got home?

  • I meditated to Bob Proctor’s Abundance meditation and fell asleep

I’m writing this to get some freedom. I feel like I’m ALWAYS writing about this. Who wants to read this shit? Are you always this negative?

  • Umm – that would seem like a yes right now
  • this seems to be what happens when I have a disappointment



I forgot about what happens when I’m disappointed. The whole worlds suddenly sucks and I suck the worst!!!!! In an instant.

I was just telling my daughter about this. A boy didn’t want to hang out with her that she liked and all of a sudden everything sucked.

OK – what was my disappointment?

I thought I’d be selling business today, opening up a group today and tomorrow, and turning things back around.

And none of it happened. Of course. The three downer RULE.

Thank you. This is helpful.

I’m supposed to be saying I am attracting abundance. I’m redoing the 21 day abundance meditation challenge.

I can’t quite get that. I mean, I want to believe it.

Well, why not believe it? Why do I want to be right about how I can’t?

Good question. OK.

I’m living in abundance. I have an abundance of love, health, friends, communities, water views, great clothes from Athleta, plenty of toilet paper, underwear, socks and bras……what else could a girl want? (Besides maybe a great guy to share my life with………..)

Well, that’s for another day……obviously…….

Thank you for letting me get present to that. I am grateful for my life.

And, maybe I’ll start calling again tomorrow. I have to go to my seminar!!!!!!

Have a great night.

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