I’m not in the mood to do a video so I will just do the blog instead.

I am watching the Super Bowl. I know one of the teams is San Francisco, but I keep forgetting who the second team is.

I think that’s probably un-American.

These commercials are either really stupid (in my opinion), or depressing. I’ll probably go to bed soon because I really don’t care who wins.

Is that terrible to admit? Oh well if it is.


This weekend I did a course on Sharing. It’s my fourth time doing this course. Each time it’s a little different. I love it. It’s how I picked “saying what can’t be said,” and sharing for my exploration into how to create freedom and create lives that we love. I see the power that sharing has in how we relate to people and live our lives.

In the course, we shared what we didn’t want to share.

It was very freeing.

I shared something I was afraid to talk about. Before I shared, it was a big freaking deal. After I shared, it wasn’t so big. I was afraid if I told people about “this thing,” they would think I was stupid.

But really, I was afraid that I was being stupid. I remembered when this started this afternoon in the course.

When I was young, I made two art pieces for my dad. One was a face with a Pinocchio nose. My dad’s friends laughed thinking it was a penis. I was horrified.

The other piece of art was a sign I thought was funny but in retrospect, it wasn’t at all. It was kind of stupid, actually.

I still get embarrassed thinking about those two items.

I can see I made a decision after that that I couldn’t trust myself or my judgement.

I gave that up today. I am going to trust myself. If I’m doing it, it’s because I think it’s a good idea. If I make a mistake, it’s ok. Nothing bad will happen (hopefully).

I may have to remember that I decided this on a regular basis. I’ll probably forget and feel stupid again.


I have been trying to write a blog for a man who has a readership of 1200 people. It’s supposed to be about self-compassion. It’s having a hard time since the topic is so general.

I just sent him my second attempt. We will see. It’s supposed to help me promote my book. I guess it either will or it won’t if he doesn’t like what I do.

Hard to please someone when you don’t really know what they are looking for.


OK, I’ve had enough of this Superbowl crap. J.Lo and Shakira just did their thing. It kind of disturbs me that young kids are watching them dance so suggestively. I’m not a prude or prisspot, but I just started wondering if this is what we want our kids to see. I could practically see Shakira’s goods and services. Is that ok? Really?


I was at my awards banquet on Friday night. I am a manager and we are supposed to hit something called FAME every quarter. This is something that is always talked about, reported on, and on our minds.

For the second year in a row, FAME was not mentioned at our awards night. I find this very odd. It’s what we strive for and get bonuses for. It’a a big deal.

I want to ask our top person why he chose not to mention it. Just so I can understand his thinking. Because right now I am just making him wrong and it is not empowering.

I am nervous to bring it up, though. I don’t want to look like I am a negative complainer.

I will to try to do it in a way that shows my commitment, instead of my negativity.

Wish me luck.

Have a good night.

Thanks for listening.

PS I think the second team is Kansas City. There’s a KC. I think that’s it.

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