So Productive……

Today I finally took care of my health insurance. I have been avoiding the health insurance company’s emails that something was wrong and I could lose my health insurance. Today I dealt with it in an effective and patient manner. It took a while, but there was no frustration, annoyance or negativity. That’s a miracle.

I also scheduled my blood work and bone density exams. Check those off the list of things I kept forgetting to do.

Yesterday I mailed my holiday cards. Only to people who sent me one. Sorry about that. I just return cards. I’m on the defense instead of the offense.

I saw an email today from Tim Ferriss. He was talking about one-ply toilet paper. It was hysterical. Let me see if I can find it……

OK, Here is what was in the email from Tim today:


New blog post: “Where Are You Still Using Single-Ply?

I recently had an epiphany.

It wasn’t in the shower. It wasn’t while meditating under a tree. It was while sitting in the bathroom.

As I held the toilet paper in my hand, I realized that it was single-ply. Clearly, I had long ago decided to save money by cutting this corner. “We are not in a position to indulge in such excesses!” I imagine I might have thought, shifting my shopping gaze from comfy double-ply Charmin to a war-ration house brand of single-ply.

Of course, here’s the problem: single-ply is a fool’s bargain. It’s a translucent sham. If you don’t want to shove your fingers directly into the pit of despair, you need to fold it over itself again and again, defeating any cost savings. And even if you did save $5 per month, isn’t the extra $5 worth trading 30 days of butt-sanding for 30 days of butt-caressing?

To make any headway with this, I first had to look backward…


I didn’t click on the link to read the rest so I can’t tell you what else he said

I just liked that he was TMI, too. So I don’t feel alone anymore. Plus, it made me laugh.

Having fun recording my YouTube videos

OK, the rest is in the video.

Enjoy it!! It’s a long one. I Gotta go write my poem!

Thanks for listening

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