OK I’m a Nerd

Today I went to the newly renovated library in Westport. I had heard it was amazing, but I was not prepared for what I saw.

The main floor that used to house books was transformed into an open theater. It’s a beautiful space for community, the arts, creation, learning, and exploring.

I was moved to tears. I thought of my late dad, who loved the library. I felt his presence and something else powerful. Something almost magical.

“But where are the books?” I asked someone after realizing I didn’t see very many.


I went down and browsed the stacks. I selected three books to take out. I was so happy. The library had been closed and I hadn’t been able to check out books for almost a month.

Maybe I’m a nerd, but happiness for me is walking out of the library with a stack of books piled high. I love the abundance. I can read what I like and return what I don’t.

Walking out, I remembered a time in my life when I was searching for moments of joy. Walking out of the library with my hands full of books was one of them. Today I relished the feeling once again.

Feeling the eternal in that new space and having new books to read felt so right. I had missed it.

“I’m a nerd,” I thought. “But who cares? I can be true to my joy. I love to read and I’m happy to have my library open.”

Afterwards I got a tour of the library. I couldn’t believe what’s offered: games to check out, computers to check out, rooms to reserve, a podcast room, a sound room, and a 3-D printer. It was incredible.

And I’m happy to have re-found a place that makes me so happy. And a new place to create community.

I can’t wait to go back.

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