She Liked My Book

I finally talked to Willa, the woman who I paid to give my book a “read through.” She had to move our talk from Friday to today (Sunday) and I was getting a little impatient to hear what she had to say.

Her comments were better than I ever dared hope for:

  • It was inspiring
  • I was moved to tears
  • It’s good
  • Powerful personal voice – I was routing for you – I never lost sight of you
  • I was carried along
  • It’s got many current issues – weight, divorce, relationships, dreams fulfilled

What I didn’t feel was positive and a little disturbing was the fact that I may need to write under a pseudo name so I don’t get sued because I’m mentioning real people.

Also that I might need permission for mentioning Landmark Worldwide and Weight Watchers. UGH!! More shit to do.

But I’m thinking of names – Prunella was always a name I gave when I was trying to goof on people in college. But then I have to change my nickname. Prunie and Pru just don’t do it for me. Well, I don’t have to figure it out now, but I guess I can make that part fun.

And they are just details. The good news is that it’s 80% done, Willa believes in it and says she can get definitely get it ready to be published. And, she believes “WE” will find a publisher when the time is right.

And that is what I have wanted for a long time. Someone who I can RELY on and who believes in my story and will be a partner. My heart is singing.

I’ve been working on this for so long and keeping it alive with some help but mostly by myself. And I feel like now I can relax. I don’t have the entire burden just on me. And, I can transform the burden into an act of love. Because I believe in my message.

I believe that women can be who they are meant to be, despite who they may have become, especially in marriage or relationships.

So, power to us, women.

Another note: I’ve been listening to Suze Orman’s talk recorded at the Apollo Theater the last couple of days. While I’m driving, she’s been speaking to me about women being empowered. Especially having power about their money. And her message resonates with my women’s empowerment initiative. She is inspiring and does not mince words. She believes in all of us. That we can control our destiny and be Secure, Strong and some other S I can’t remember.

I believe that women are coming of age. I hear it everywhere. It’s not about any negativity towards men. It’s just that our time has come. I can feel the excitement and power in my body just thinking about it.

And it’s really exciting.

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