I was just on an inquiry call. It’s a drop in call with people from all over the globe and we discuss what we are up to for the world.

My initiative, as I call it, is creating life out here in the in between, free from the limitations imposed on us by our brains. The access is sharing, and saying what can’t be said.

Sometimes, saying what I don’t think I can say is very uncomfortable. I have noticed that if I do something that is an “outlyer,” (out of the comfort zone), I am ok as long as I get some acknowledgement or validation in a relatively short period of time.

If I don’t get any, than eventually my brain will convince me that what I did was stupid, and I revert back into more comfortable actions or conversations like invalidating myself and my life. This pretty much guarantees that I won’t venture too far away from anything I’m used to doing which is very limiting.

Tonight, Brian from New Zealand brought up improvising. People related it to acting, being present, inventing, and being in the zone.

I thought that perhaps, improvising might be a fun way to go into the unknown, or discomfort in order to forge new pathways for humans.

If it wasn’t all so damn significant, I could possibly be free from my past and just play in new areas.

It’s certainly something to think about. One new thing I’m doing as of last week: I am going to flirt with men. It used to be a natural expression for me. I had a ball. But then, I got very serious and stopped playing. So this is another area where I can improvise and have some fun again.

Another thing: outside my beach cottage rages a storm. The waves are noisily crashing, the wind is loud, and a part of me is uncomfortable. What happens if the cottage goes out to sea with me in it? Who would hear me yelling? How long could I last swimming in the cold water? And on and on…….

I guess I could improvise here too………..Relax and enjoy the rhythmic crashing and pitter patter of the rain…………And keep my phone by my bed in case I need to call the coast guard.

That’s all for tonight, folks!!! I’m going to try a loving meditation. I’ve never done one but I have heard wonderful things about them from Tim Ferriss and his podcast guests. Tonight I finally remembered to find them on google.

Have a great night!!!!

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