Return the Behavior

What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.

After I posted about people pleasing, I saw this quote in my email. I think I’m not as concerned with what is right, as what will upset someone.

I realize how much I am run by not getting people upset. How much I don’t say or do because of that fear. I was thinking today that if we inherit certain behaviors, thoughts, or patterns from our ancestors, this pattern might have been inherited.

I had ancestors in the Holocaust. Their lives could literally have been at stake if they made someone mad or upset. Of course they would be careful about what they did or said. I could have gotten this behavior from them and it’s not really mine to deal with anymore.

I can say a prayer tonight and quietly return this behavior to my deceased ancestors. It can’t hurt them any longer. They are already dead. And I can be free. I did it with my anxiety and it’s much better.

I will see if this works. Maybe it will become easier to take the action or say what there is to say. You never know. As crazy as it sounds, it can’t really hurt, can it?

So, until then…………………………………

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