Ask for Help, You Just Might Get It

I’m still trying to get my three books read so I can send in my book proposal.   I have to compare them to my book and convince the publisher why my book will sell well.   I read 2 of them and lost the third.

I was working with MaryAnn, my book mentor last night trying to find a good third book.  We googled, we went on Amazon, and I also checked the New York Times Best Seller list.   We were looking for the current top selling memoirs.  I made a list and requested then at my local library.

Easier said than done.

I went to the library today.  The books were out.  Maybe you can help me?  I asked one of the librarians.  I can’t, but you can ask Donna and Bill at the reference desk.

I went over to the reference desk and explained what I was looking for.  They each had their own computer.  They started clicking away, calling out book names and authors.   One of the other librarians also came over and was searching the stacks with me.

It was fun.  They had a challenge and I was getting lots of ideas.

I left the library holding five books.  I was happy.  For me, having an abundance of books is my happy place.  I can read what I want, and return the rest.  All for free.

And I also felt good letting the library people contribute to me.  I’m sure they felt good helping, and it felt good to receive.

Can’t wait to start reading…………………………….





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