Can’t Believe this is Fun

My book has finally come back from my editor.  I finished writing the first draft in December, 2012.  It is now August, 2018.  I’ve been rewriting it for almost six years.  And that seems like a freaking long time.

And now what?  I have been tormented over what to do next for a long time.  I’ve never published a book before.  How does one start?  Somebody please save me……..

That’s right, I remembered, I am Creating Life Out Here.  That means that instead of staying in my paralyzed mind, I needed to start talking to people.

So I did.  And I learned that there are many ways to publish a book.  Everyone has a different opinion and different advice.  I got completely overwhelmed and I froze.

And then I decided I didn’t want this to be hard.  I want my book to get published with ease.  I want to be “in the flow.”  I wanted fun instead of struggle.

I called my friend, Deb.  She works in publishing.  She told me she is willing to forward my book to her memoir counterpart.

“Just follow the submission guidelines,”  she said.

Yesterday I looked at them.  Holy Shit, I thought.  I have to compare my book to 3 best selling memoirs and tell them why mine is better (I’m paraphrasing).  That sounds like a lot of work.  How the hell do I find them, and how long will it take me to read them?  OMG

But then I started getting excited.  I really have to sell my book to these people.  I have to research books in a new way.  Learn something completely out of my frame of reference.  Expand my mind.

I remembered my first few writing classes that I took in 2013.  It felt like I was learning a new language – scene vs summary, back-stories, dialogue, etc.  I never knew about any of that.   I was fascinated by what I didn’t know.  It was fun to rewrite my chapters using my new techniques.

And now I have something new to learn and apply – how publishers think and how to sell my book.  I’m surprised that I am looking forward to this.  Who knew?

So back to work.  I’ll keep you posted.



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