Creating Life Out Here

Thanks for joining me!

My prior blog was called, Tired of Feeling Bad.  It served a purpose for me, but now seems a little negative.  I will still blog on there when I am stuck or just need to vent, but this new blog is more about Creating, then Venting.

I am SO excited about this new leg of my life’s journey.  I am now ready to shed the self-imposed victimous (is that a word?) shackles and start living OUT HERE.

What does that mean?  Good question.  I will attempt to explain.

I was in an inquiry session over the weekend called “One Step Beyond.”  We looked at what it would take to step beyond where we get stuck.

I could see that what stops me from doing and saying what I want is fear.

  • fear of people thinking I’m crazy
  • fear of being disappointed
  • fear of feeling stupid
  • fear of being criticized

That was literally all that stops me.  These fear based thought.

I realized that none of them would actually kill me.  They couldn’t even physically hurt me.  I was living in a little limiting box of life trying not to get anyone upset or mad at me.

Well, first of all it didn’t work.  They still did.

Second of all, I had no vitality or excitement and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t doing anything great or fun with my life.  I was merely trying to survive.

I created an intention to Live Out Here (picture me pointing to a place in between two people) in the Present Moment instead of in my limiting thoughts.  Instead of talking myself out of things.

And taking new steps even though my brain was telling me not to, that I was crazy.

I could see that my brain was just trying to protect me from getting disappointed like I did when I was two (see my old blog for the driveway incident – it’s mentioned quite a bit).

And I’m not a little girl anymore.  I can handle disappointment.  And, so what if people think I’m crazy.  It’s a good crazy.

I will be describing my adventures of living out here as I live them.  I’m so glad you could join me.  Stay tuned and Take a Step Beyond!!!!



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